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Products X-CERA Multilayer TT Zirconia Blanks
产品价格: Perfect Your Smile!LayerProportionVickersHardness(HV)Strength(MPa)Color TranslucencyLayer 130%≥1250≥750Shallow↓Deep55%Layer 215%Layer 315%Layer 420%Layer 520%Characteristics:Top High TransmittanceNatural Color Transition, Pre-colored.Simple and Less Process of ProductionAvailable in all classic VITA 16 shades (A1 to D4)Indications XTCERA TT Multilayer is intended for the fabrication and preparation of copings, full anatomical/ full contour crowns, inlays and onlays restorations.Note:Directing arrow is marked on the label of multilayer blanks, which points to insical surface.Chemical CompositionComponentContentZrO2+HfO2 >90.5wt%Y2O3 9.28wt%AL2O3 <0.5wt%Other Oxides <0.5wt% PropertiesProjectsDetection resultSintering Density≥6.0g/cm³Bending Strength≥750MPaTransmittance55%Vickers Hardness1250HVSintering stepTemperature range(℃)Time(h)paragraph 120-9001.5paragraph 2900-9000.5paragraph 3900-14503.0paragraph 41450-14502.0paragraph 51450-8001.0paragraph 6800-Natural cooling 100Finished
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