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Products XTCERA 3D Multilayer Zirconia Blanks
产品价格: Simply to be NaturalLayerProportionVickersHardness(HV)Strength(MPa)Color TranslucencyLayer 130%≥1250≥750 ,≤1250Shallow↓Deep43%—55%Layer 215%Layer 315%Layer 420%Layer 520%Characteristics:Natural Color Transition, Pre-colored.Top High Transmittance with Natural GradientSimple and Less Process of ProductionAvailable in all classic VITA 16 shades (A1 to D4)Indications XTCERA 3D multilayer is intended for the fabrication and preparation of copings, full anatomical/ full contour crowns, bridges up to three units, inlays, and onlays for anterior and posterior restorations.Note:Directing arrow is marked on the label of multilayer blanks, which points to insical surface.Chemical CompositionZrO2+HfO2 >94wt%Y2O3 5.3wt%AL2O3 <0.5wt%Other Oxides <0.5wt% PropertiesSintering Density :6.0g/cm³Bending Strength:≥750MPaVickers Hardness:1250HVChemical Solubility:<100μg/m²Sintering stepTemperature range(℃)Time(h)paragraph 120-9001.5paragraph 2900-9000.5paragraph 3900-15304.0paragraph 41530-1530 2.0paragraph 51530-8002.0paragraph 6800-Natural cooling 100Draw a chargeCase presentation:
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