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产品价格: 【Product Feature】This new product spares us from the traditional wax investing and casting , simplifies the PFM procedure greatly and also decrease the possibilities of deformation.What makes our Dental Base Metal Alloy unique is its high precision, good strength,and superior wear-proof performance and better biocompatibility.As the first  Dental Base Metal Alloy manufacture of China,XTCERA only produce high quality Dental Base Metal Alloy.Dental Base Metal Alloy is intended for use in fabrication of  porcelain-fused-to metal crown and bridge restorations.【Technical Data】Proof strength of 0.2% non-proportional extension 500MPaElongation after fracture2%。E-module200GPaDensity:7.9±0.2g/cm3Vickers hardness:270±27HV10Corrosion resistancecm2Solidus temperature:1350±50℃,Liquidus temperature:1410±50℃Thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) (25 - 500℃):(14.5±0.5)×10 -6/KMetal-ceramic bond characterization25MPaCobalt66.0wt% Chrome28.0wt%Molybdenum5.0wt%Silicium<1.0wt%Manganese<1.0wt%Iron<0.8wt%Carbon<0.8wt%Other<2.0wt%【Metal-Zironia Junction Surface】【Chemical Composition】    ( by Traditional Casting)                                                                        (Dental Base Metal Alloy)Presentation:
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