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产品价格: X-Cera SHT ML (Super High Translucent Multilayered) Zirconia- Natural Color Transition- No Need DyeingVickersHardness(HV)Strength(MPa)Color Translucency≥1300≥1050Shallow↓Deep47%Available in all classic VITA 16 shades (A1 to D4)Indications For Use: - XTCERA SHT Multilayer is intended for the fabrication and preparation of: copings, full anatomical/ full contour crowns, bridges up to three uints, inlays, and onlays for anterior and posterior restorations.Note:Directing arrow is marked on the label of multilayer blanks, which points to insical surface.Chemical Composition:ComponentContentZrO2+HfO2 >90wt%Y2O3 4.5-9.5wt%AL2O3 <0.5wt%Other Oxides <0.2wt%Properties:ProjectsDetection resultSintering Density≥6.0g/cm³Bending Strength≥1050MPaVickers Hardness1250HVChemical Solubility<100μg/m²Case presentation
产品价格: X-Cera SHT Preshaded (Super High Translucent) ZirconiaThe zirconia blank is non-toxic and non-radioactive with excellent biological properties, teeth color is like the real teeth with good permeability and aesthetics. It is with high strength, good toughness and excellent wear resistance, X-cera pre-shaded zirconia blank is the raw material with excellent property for making crowns.- Translucency: 47%- Strength: 1050 Mpa- Indications:Veneers, anterior crown/coping, bridge- Shades:Vita classic 16 colors Case presentation:
产品名称: XTCERA SHT White
产品价格: X-CERA SHT super-high translucency, apply to anterior and posterior teeth,full contour and all kinds of bridges. XTCERA blanks are made from biocompatible zirconiumdioxyde. The yttrium oxide stabilizing protects the material against cracks and increases the tensile and compressive strength. The special grain size allocation inside the material and the added aluminium oxide also result in extra strength during milling and subsequently in clinical use.The outstanding mechanical characteristics, excellent chemical durability and the unbeaten biocompatibilitycombined with the translucent color predestine XTCERA as the ideal material provider for dental milling systems.Translucency: 47%Strength: 1050Mpa 【SHT Biological properties】ItemsISO10993 Standards RequirementsTest resultsCytotoxicity testCytotoxicity<=1No cytotoxicity Sensitization test Sensitization not allowedNo sensitizationOral mucosa irritation testlrritation not allowedNo StimulationAcute systemic toxicity testSensitization not allowedNo acute oral toxicityGenotoxicity test  Avirulent AMES test:negative 【Specification】SHT 98*10mm   98*12mm    98*14mm   98*16mm    98*18mm   98*20mm    98*22mm  98*25mm  98*30mm
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