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产品名称: X-WAX
产品价格: SPECIALLY DESIGNED AND PRODUCED FOR CASTING AND PRESSING TECHNOLOGIESFeature:1. High purity raw materials, meet SFDA standards2. Excellent machining property, without sticking, deformation and cutting-tool wear3. Eliminate internal stress thoroughly; reduce the machining deformation and time-dependent deformation substantially4. Optimized formula, maintain same thermal expansion coefficient among different batches of products5. Superior antistatic property, easy for operating and cleaning6. Acquire best user experience and performance with X-CERA’s milling machinePhysical Properities: Type AType BMelting point150℃155 ℃Density0.92g/cm³ (25℃test)0.93g/cm³ (25℃test)Shore hardness5050Linear expansivity1.15 (70℃size/25℃size)1.15 (70℃size/25℃size)Grey level≤0.02%≤0.02%AntistaticYESYESCompatibilityCAD/CAM MillingCAD/CAM MillingModel Sizes:  Size(DxH,mm) Hardness Φ98x10 A(Standard) Φ98x12 A(Standard)  Φ98x14 A(Standard)  Φ98x16 A(Standard)  Φ112x12 B(Standard)  Φ112x14 B(高)  Φ112x16 B(高)
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