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产品价格: All in oneHigh quality imported original, comprehensive functionHigh precision and high speed workabilityDiversity selection , Can process dental crown, dental bridge,abutment, rod clamp, planting bridge, bracketIntelligent touch screen, one-button processingTechnical DataName X-Mill 600 Milling MachineDimension1110x820x1820(mm)Net weight  Approximately 850kgInput voltageSingle phase AC 220VAxis quantity5Milling rangeXYZ:320/130/150mm A: 360° B:±40°Milling modeWet millingMax speed  60,000 rpmMax feeding speedXYZ: 6000 mm/minBur capacity  12Bur changing  AutomaticCooling   Water coolingMaterials CoCr/NEM, titanium, PMMA,wax, glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics.Milling time Crown:30 min 600 KIT INCLUDESX-Mill 600 milling machine       Sample wax for testingVacuum (optional)                     Operation manual30L water tank                            Hyperdent software
产品价格: X-Mill 500 milliing machine was developed by Shenzhen Xiang Tong Medical Technology Co, LTD. Five axis dental carving and milling machine,integrated design, making work regionalization simplicity;Dry milling style,especially the development of control system.Horizontal structure design, the key control unit is made of high quality imported original, screw, guide rail, such as components and maintenance-free design, reducing the equipment for professional maintenance problems.High speed, high precision machining, wax takes 3-4 min/pc , zirconium takes 8-10 min /pcDiamension:820*750*720mmWeight:Approximately 170kgInput Voltage:Single-Phase AC 220VSpindle power: 1.8kwAxis quantity:5Milling Range:XYZ:220/160/120mm A:±35°  B:360°Milling Mode:Dry MillingMax speed:60,000rpmMax Feeding Speed:XYZ:6000mm/minBur Capacity:8Bur Changing:AutomaticCooling:Water-CoolingProcessing Materials:Zirconia、Wax、PMMA 、Soft Metal Milling Time: Zirconia:8mins Wax:3mins
产品价格: D-ONE milling machine was developed by Shenzhen Xiang Tong Medical Technology Co., LTD.  Dimension:700*490*610mmWeight:Approximately 80kgInput Voltage:Single-phase AC 220vSpindle Power:250wAxis quantity:4 Milling range: XYZ: 75/65/55mm B: 360°Milling Mode: Wet MillingMax speed:60,000rpmMax Feeding speed:6000mm/minBur Capacity:3Bur Changing:AutomaticCooling:Natural coollingMaterials:PMMA, Glass Ceramic, resinMilling Time:  Glass Ceramic:15mins
产品价格: X-Mill 300 milling machine was developed byShenzhen Xiang Tong Meidical Technology Co., LTD. Four axis dental carving and milling machine,integrated design, making work regionalization simplicity;Dry or wet style avaialble,especially the development of control system. High speed, high precision machining, wax takes 3-4 min/pc , zirconium takes 8-10 min/pc.Technical Parameters: Dimension 730×720×620 (mm)Net weightApproximately 150kgInput voltageSingle phase AC 220VSpindle power1.5kwAxis quantity4Milling rangeXYZ:125/130/80mm 360° (±20)Milling modeWet or dry millingMax speed60,000 rpmMax feeding speed6,000 mm/minBur capacity6Bur changingAutomaticCoolingWater coolingMaterialsZirconia, wax,premill abutment(optional),PMMA,glass ceramic(optical)Milling timeZirconia:8minswax:3minsglass ceramic: 15minspremill abutment:16mins
产品价格: X-220 milling machine was developed byShenzhen Xiang Tong Medical Techology Co., LTD. Four axis dental carving and milling machine,integrated design, making work regionalization simplicity;Dry milling machine,especially the development of control system.High speed, high precision machining, wax takes 3-4 min/pc, zirconium takes 8-10 min/pc. Technical parameters:Dimension730*720*620(mm)Net WeightApproximately 150kgInput VoltageSingle-Phase 220V 50/60HZMax Power2.0KWSpindle Power1.2kwAxis quantity4Milling RangeXYZ:125/130/80mm A:360°Milling ModeDry millingMax speed36,000rpmMax feeding speed6000mm/minBur Capacity3Bur ChangingAutomaticCoolingwater coolingMaterialsZirconia、Wax、PMMA Milling Timezirconia:8 mins wax:3mins
产品价格: Implant creator: X-Mill 600S- 5 axis simultaneous milling with B axis rotation up to 40 degrees.- Massive cast iron plus gantry structure- Powerful industry spindle of 2.7 kw- High repetition accuracy of 1 micron- automatic tool changer for 16 burs-Excellent in abutment, implant bridge and bar millingTechnical parameters:Dimension1230x820x1830 (mm)Net weightapproximately 950kgInput voltageSingle phase AC 220VSpindle power4 kwAxis quantity4Milling rangeXYZ: 360/240/150 mm A: 360 degreesMilling modeWet millingMax speed40,000 rpmMax feeding speedXYZ: 6,000 mm/minBur capacity8Bur changingAutomaticSpindle coolingWater coolingMaterialsTitanium, titanium alloy, Co-cr alloyMilling timecrown: 25 mins, Frame work: 2-4 hrs
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