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产品名称: Milling Bur
产品价格: X-CUTTER burs are diamond coated milling burs, manufactured specifically for CAD/CAM system.Our  milling burs could be  applied to Zirconia blocks, glass ceramic, PMMA and metal .Zr(mm)φCoatingEffective lengthTotal lengthMaterial4mm Shank Dia1.0Dia1650Zr0.6Dia550Zr3mm Shank Dia2.0Dia1650Zr2.0Dia2250Zr1.0Dia1550Zr Glass ceramic car burs (mm)φCoatingEffective lengthTotal lengthMaterial4mm Shank Dia2.5Dia1545Glass ceramic 1.0Dia1145Glass ceramic0.6Dia1145Glass ceramic3mm Shank Dia2.5Dia1545Glass ceramic1.0Dia1145Glass ceramic0.6Dia1145Glass ceramic Metal bursφCoatingShank DiaEffective lengthTotal lengthMaterial 3.0Diaφ4.0mm14mm50mmMetal2.0Diaφ4.0mm12mm50mmMetal1.5Diaφ4.0mm8mm50mmMetal PMMA bursφCoating Effective lengthTotal lengthMaterial 4mm Shank Dia2.0Dia1650PMMA1Dia1650PMMA0.6Dia850PMMA3mm Shank Dia2Dia1647PMMA1Dia 1647PMMA   Features:1. Made of high quality carbide alloy2. Long life span thanks to the cutting-edge diamond coating technology3. Minimum risk of bur cracking due to the high tenacity4. Comptible with Zirconia, Wax , glass ceramic ,PMMA,and metal;5.Exceptionally sharp edge, preventing chipping and cracks of teeth
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