X-Milll 600S Dental milling machine


X-Mill 600S Dental Milling Machine - Implant Creator

- 4 axis simultaneous milling with B axis rotation up to 40 degrees.

- Massive cast iron plus gantry structure.

- Powerful industry spindle of 4 kw, High repetition accuracy of 1 micron, automatic tool changer for 16 burs.

-Excellent in abutment, implant bridge and bar milling.

Technical Data


Name X-Mill 600S Milling Machine
Dimension1230x820x1830 (mm)
Net weightApproximately 950kg
Input voltageSingle phase AC 220V
Axis quantity4
Milling rangeXYZ: 360/240/150 mm A: 360 degrees
Milling modeWet milling
Max speed  40,000 rpm
Max feeding speedXYZ: 6000 mm/min
Bur capacity8
Bur changing Automatic
Cooling Water cooling
MaterialsTitanium, titanium alloy, Co-cr alloy
Milling timeCrown: 25 mins, Frame work: 2-4 hrs

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