3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner


3Shape TROIS intraoral scanner

3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner


Color digital impression

Dental color measurement

High definition camera

Good mobility and little space

Pod solution

Trois Color

Size and weight

Pod height :4cm;   

Pod diameter: 15cm;     


Scanner weight:750g

Disk storage

Depends on the computer selected




Operating system

External buttons and connection


Language support

Chinese, Croatian ,Czech, Dutch,EnglishFinnishFrench,German,Greek,Hunqarian,Italian,Japanese, Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese(Brazilian),Romanian,Russian ,Spanish, Swedish, Turkish(subject to change)

Environmental requirement

Operating, storage and transport conditions

Power supply

See Safety &Setup Guide


See Safety &Setup Guide

Currently supported indicators

Crowns, inlays ,onlays ,venners ,bridges up to 5 units, single implants, post&core ; Full study model including vestibular and palatal areas(Ortho)(List to be expanded)

Supported scannable materials

In general all materials are supported, except gemstones on the teeth, some transparent ortho brackets and extremely high gloss metal

Contrast agent applied to teeth

None(poweder/spray free)


TROIS*delivers high accuracy on single units, quads as well as full arch-documented in several comparative university studies

1.      Hack and Patzelt, 2015 issues of the ADA Professional Product Review, Volume 10 Issue 4, September 25,2015,American Dental Association, University of Freiburg, Baltimore College of Dental Srugery,

2.      Ender et al, Clin Oral Investig,Nov 7 2015E-pub, University of zurich,3 Ender et al,J prosthet Dent.Nov 6 2015 E-pub, University of Zurich,4 Boeddinghaus et al,Clin Oral Investig, 2015,University of Giessen

*A TROIS Standard(b/w),TROIS Color or TROIS Cara Scanner was used in the studies internal tests show equal or increased accuracy in the later generations of 3Shape TROIS scanners ,Data on file.

Scanner tip

Removable Stenlizable by autoclave 20 times, maybe placed on 2 positions, scanning up or downwards

Output format

DCM and STL***depending on selected software package

Working principles

Ultrafast Optical sectioning

Light source


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