X-Mill 500 5-AXIS Dental milling machine


X-Mill 500 Dental Milling Machine - Run like a horse

- Five axis dental carving and milling machine,integrated design, making work regionalization simplicity;

- Dry milling style,especially the development of control system.

- Horizontal structure design, the key control unit is made of high quality imported original, screw, guide rail, such as components and maintenance-free design, reducing the equipment for professional maintenance problems.

- High speed, high precision machining, wax takes 3-4 min/pc , zirconium takes 8-10 min /pc

Technical Data


Name X-Mill 500 Milling Machine
Net weightApproximately 170kg
Input voltageSingle phase AC 220V
Axis quantity5
Milling rangeXYZ:220/160/120mm A:±35°  B:360°
Milling modeDry milling
Max speed  60,000 rpm
Max feeding speedXYZ: 6000 mm/min
Bur capacity8
Bur changing Automatic
Cooling Water cooling
MaterialsZirconia, Wax, PMMA, Soft Metal
Milling timeZirconia:8mins Wax:3mins 

 Details of full arch milled by X-Mill 500

X-Mill 500 5-AXIS

X-Mill 500 5-AXIS

full arch milled by X-mill 500

X-Mill 500 5-AXIS

X-Mill 500 5-AXIS

X-Mill 500 5-AXIS


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