D-ONE milling machine was developed by Shenzhen Xiang Tong Medical Technology Co., LTD. Four axis dental carving and milling machine,integrated design, making work regionalization simplicity;Dry milling style,especially the development of control system Fitting with X-soform operation platform and supporting the use of digital denture;Horizontal structure design, the key control unit is made of high quality imported original, screw, guide rail, such as components and maintenance-free design, reducing the equipment for professional maintenance problems.High speed, high precision machining, wax takes 3-4 min/pc, zirconium takes 8-10 min/pc.

In 2015, X-Mill 400 milling machine become China's best-selling dental CAD/CAM carving and milling,annual sales of more than 150 units, the total market more than 350 units, worthy of sales champion.



Weight:Approximately 80kg

Input Voltage:Single-phase AC 220v

Max Power:900W

Spindle Power:250w

Axis quantity:4

Milling range:360°

Milling Mode: Wet Milling

Max speed:60,000rpm

Max Feeding speed:6000mm/min

Bur Capacity:3

Bur Changing:Automatic

Cooling:Natural coolling

Materials:PMMA 、Glass Ceramic

Milling Time:  Glass Ceramic:15mins


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