XTCERA SHT Pre-shaded Zirconia


Preshaded zirconia blanks

Preshade zirconia blanks are researched and manufactured by Xiangtong Medical Corportion. 

We select high quality exported zirconium powder, mixing with different colored powder, pressing ,shaping ,pre-sintering to make the zirconia blanks , helps solve the problems like uneven colors , spot, over obvious and negative color difference between the front and the back.

The zirconia blank is non-toxic and non-radioactive with excellent biological properties, teeth color is like the real teeth with good permeability and aesthetics. It is with high strength, good toughness and excellent wear resistance, X-cera pre-shaded zirconia blank is the raw material with excellent property for making crowns.

        Translucency: 47%

        Strength: 1050 Mpa

IndicationsVeneers, anterior crown/coping, bridge

Shades:Vita classic 16 colors

Sintering curve Room temprature→10/min to 900(preserve for 30min) →3.5 /min to 1530(preserve for 2h) →12 /min to 800 →follow the furnace cooling to room temperature 


 Case presentation:

SHT Pre-shaded Zirconia



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